What happens during the sessions ?




We will have a chat and I will take down some details from you which will include your contact information, details of any medication you may be on and any relevant medical history.  We will discuss what has brought you to therapy and what you hope to gain from your sessions.  I will answer any questions or concerns  you may have, fully.

 I will also give you a taster of what happens during hypnosis by giving you a relaxation induction with perhaps a little therapy  which may relate to self esteem or stress management depending on the information you have provided me.  The initial session usually lasts about 90 minutes and costs £ 20.


Follow up treatment sessions will include bespoke scripts prepared for you based on the information provided by you and that arise following our discussions and your last therapy session. These sessions are usually about an hour.

Often, to affect continuing positive changes a client would need say 3 sessions, depending on the presenting problem. This is because the hypnotic suggestions will often last from between 2 days to 2 weeks and each follow up session reinforces the positive changes so the new behaviour then becomes a positive habit. For example, if the problem was weight gain due to snacking, hypnosis would empower the client to stop this activity for a period of time after each session. As the new behaviour continued, it will take the place of the old behaviour and become a permanent fixture in the client’s subconscious i.e. a new permanent habit such as cleaning your teeth in the morning.

The number and frequency of appointments depends on each individual and what the treatment is for.  Sometimes one session will be enough. 


Is for those who do not want a hypnotherapy taster session and find time is an issue.  

The initial consultation will take place over the phone and will take approximately 30 minutes.  I will take down some details from you which will include your contact information, details of any medication you may be on and any relevant medical history. We will discuss what you are looking for from therapy and I will answer any questions or concerns you may have, fully.  We will arrange an appointment for you to come and see me for the treatment session.  If further treatment sessions are needed, as discussed above, they can then be arranged as and when needed.  The telephone call is free and therefore there will be no initial consultation fee payable. 

Please note, our sessions are entirely confidential


These sessions last about an hour and stand alone.  I will take some basic information from you and then provide you with a wonderful relaxing script designed to dramatically reduce your stress and anxiety levels and enable you to totally RELAX.

I will also give you some strategies including breathing techniques to help you reduce your stress levels going forward, to use as and when you need them.  

You will be amazed how much better you will feel following the session.