All about Hypno-Counselling 

So, what is Hypno-Counselling? 

 It’s a mixture of Counselling, followed by Hypnotherapy in one session which lasts around 90 minutes.

Why both instead of one or the other?

 Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool to facilitate change. It can treat all manner of problems as my pages on Hypnotherapy will confirm, although the list provided is not exhaustive, as there really is no problem/condition that cannot be helped. 

 However, if the problem that you are seeking treatment for is related to a deep- rooted trauma or other issue(s) that have not been dealt with you will stop one problem and then experience another, seemingly unrelated.

 For example, you have experienced anxiety for as long as you can remember, or maybe its just started completely out of the blue. You have a course of hypnotherapy and the treatment is successful. You are anxiety free or symptoms are reduced to a manageable level. Wonderful! you think. Time passes, months, maybe even years when either the anxiety comes back, perhaps even worse, or you start to have problems in other areas – over eating, excessive drinking, drugs or other self -destructive behaviours. 

 Maybe you feel depressed or develop what appear to be entirely physical complaints such as migraines, or IBS or something even more debilitating such as Fibromyalgia. 

 Perhaps you might have just accepted that these problems are part of getting older. You might seek medical treatment which may or may not help. You may even sort this fresh problem out with a sigh of relief only to find yourself facing yet another problem at a later date. Sound familiar?

If traumatic experiences and more importantly emotions around those experiences are repressed, the psyche seeks to release some internal pressure and so seemingly unrelated problems arise. Now hypnotherapy is fantastic at treating symptoms, but unless the underlying trauma is dealt with there will be no permanent resolution.

Such traumas can be experienced in childhood, or at any point in your life. The word trauma implies some terrible act or incident. Now that would stand out in your memory wouldn’t it? Well, it doesn’t always work like that. Trauma can be blocked out by the conscious mind. 

 Another way of explaining trauma is as a slow “drip, drip” process that may have been going on all your life – “you’re worthless”, “you’ll never be any good at anything”. “you’ll fail every time you try something new so stop bothering”.” You’re ugly”, “you’re stupid”, “no-one is going to be interested in you”. Basically, you’re just not good enough, that is the message that is implanted in your subconscious and often your conscious mind. 

 I should add here that not everybody who has had a nasty comment or two made to them or experienced a relationship with someone who liked to put them down goes onto experience long lasting problems. If, prior to this experience you were confident and happy, if affected, a course of hypnotherapy for confidence or self-esteem may well sort you out once and for all. In these situations, the confidence you’ve always had bounces back. But supposing you’ve never had the confidence? – just take a minute to think.. does this apply to you?

So, how does Hypno-Counselling work? 

Well, the first part of the session is the counselling part. Talking about and uncovering deep rooted issues (or not so deep rooted) and working through the emotions that this exploration will uncover. The hypnotherapy part comes next and works on self-recognition, self-confidence, self-esteem and relaxation. Working on these areas has a far-reaching positive affect on the healing process and supports the work done in the counselling part of the session.

Each session is approximately 90 minutes long. 


How long does treatment last?

This changes from person to person.  At least 3 sessions should be undertaken initially to give the process a real chance to start to work.  Once you feel the changes in how you think and feel, you'll be more confident about continuing until you  feel ready to stop.  The first 3 sessions should be weekly and then let's review if you want to continue weekly sessions or space them out to say once a fortnight.  There will be regular reviews to assess what you need going forward with flexibility so you get the most out of your treatment.  

Why is Hypno-counselling cheaper than Hypnotherapy yet the sessions are longer?

This is because I use the same generic script for everybody which is designed to relieve anxiety and stress, build self-esteem and confidence, and help you deal with day to day life in a more relaxed, confident way.  Hypnotherapy scripts are bespoke to each client individually and deal with specific issues and so are specially written as well as longer than the generic script, hence the higher cost

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